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Magnekon Polytermacon/AI® Magnet Wire

Product Description

The POLYTERMACON/AI® magnet wire is manufactured using a base coat of polyesterimide resin and a top coat of polyamideimide (AI). This wire combines the excellent dielectric and thermal characteristics of the polyesterimide resins and the benefits offered by the chemical structure of the polyamideimide.

Polyesterimide offers protection against overloads and crossovers, in addition to its excellent resistance to chemical agents. This makes the POLYTERMACON/AI® the optimum selection for motor coils used in the machinery and tool industries, in automotive applications, distribution transformers and in hermetic refrigeration motors(1).

The Polyamideimide coat offers a smooth and sturdy surface with a low coefficient of friction, which makes the POLYTERMACON/AI® highly resistant to the damage caused by high-speed winding machines.

This product is manufactured in three insulation builds - single (Code PTS/AI), heavy (Code PTD/AI) and triple (Code PTT/AI) and is offered in either copper or aluminum conductors.

POLYTERMACON/AI® magnet wire with a copper conductor is recommended for use in electrical equipment with a thermal class of up to 200 and if so specified, up to 220 °C.

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