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Magnekon Soldacon-N® Magnet Wire

Product Description

The SOLDACON-N® magnet wire is manufactured by applying a Polyamide (Nylon) coat over the base insulation of SOLDACON® (Polyurethane) wire. This results in a magnet wire insulation that combines the excellent electrical and solderability characteristics of the SOLDACON® wire, with the tenacity, winding ease, and scrape resistance of the Polyamide (Nylon) overcoat. It can be used in applications such as serial armatures, toroids, bobbin windings, or in those cases where winding ease and solderability is required.

This product is manufactured in three insulation builds – Single, Heavy and Triple, and is offered in either Copper or Aluminum conductors.

The SOLDACON-N® magnet wire is recommended for use in electrical equipment with a thermal class of up to 180 °C.

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